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Communication frustration

Posted on: July 19, 2010

I rang the Psych’s office today and was not very nicely told that I was ringing the wrong place, and that as L is a patient at one set of rooms, I should ring those rooms and not the office I was ringing. Lovely. I gritted my teeth and explained that Dr K had asked me to ring at *these* rooms because we were working on getting the Lithium levels stable, and he only works at the place we see him one day a fortnight. The ever so lovely receptionist/office administrator/bitch huffed and puffed and said that they had no blood test results for L.

Then I rang the GP’s office and the receptionist there looked up the blood test results for me. Lithium levels 5.1. What?!?! Remember, we are aiming for 0.6 – 0.8. Tentatively, I asked “do you mean 0.51?” and the receptionist said “oh yes, that’s what it says. Doctor has written no action on the results.” Well, that’s probably because Dr I (the GP) thinks that Dr K (the psych) has it all in hand. He probably doesn’t know that Dr K is guarded very well by an obnoxious receptionist.

Anyway, I’ve sent a fax to Dr K letting him know the results and asking if L should stay on the same dose. Hopefully I’ll hear from him tomorrow.

I did a bit of reading about the tremors, and apparently it is more common when Lithium dosage is increased quickly (L’s dose doubled last week) – so I hope he can just stay at the same dosage for a bit and see how things go. I’m really concerned about the effects this will have on his exams. Actually, I’m not concerned about the effect on his exams, I care how this will affect L. I don’t want him feeling like this will be another set back.

The boys go back to school tomorrow. I’ve sent an email to the nice Vice Principal and will see what that brings.

4 more days at my current job. šŸ˜€


3 Responses to "Communication frustration"

I have a theory that all medical receptionists must pass both an “ultimate bitch” test as well as a “couldn’t organise a piss-up- in a brewery” test.
Last time I got grief from one of these desk bitches, I told the Dr that it was just too hard for his receptionist to understand my request so I wouldn’t bother following up with what he asked me to do. God love him, but HE marched out and organised for my request to happen AND waited whiel I filled out extra paperwork. Desk bitch got put in her place.
Hope the remors settle quickly for L.

You are already aware I can’t type for shit, right?

lol ^^

I’ve just had such a run of really nice Dr’s receptionists that I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security. The one I spoke to the other week was awesome (at the same practice). Maybe they play good cop / bad cop?

My lovely GP rang me a few years ago and apologised for the behaviour of one of his receptionists. I guess it paid off, look how much business I send his way now šŸ™‚

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