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grrr argh

Posted on: August 27, 2010

That’s how I feel at the moment.

I think it’s L’s mood that has rubbed off on me.

I was on a high this morning, we took C to a plastic surgeon for a second opinion on his scar revision and the surgeon was impressed with what had been done (loooong story, that one, maybe I’ll put that on here soon). I hadn’t realised it before, but I was feeling a bit anxious about the appointment, so having another surgeon say that what had been done so far is fantastic and a significant improvement on the original scar, was really uplifting. Big sigh of relief and a weight off my mind. His opinion was the same as our other surgeon, leave the scar as is until he’s a teen, or fully grown.

Then we went shopping and bought a DSI XL for C’s birthday, picked up the birthday cake, took him for a haircut (and the scar is barely noticeable with this haircut, so bonus points to the hairdresser). Oh yeah, and I bought 3 new pairs of gloves.

Then we came home. L was still in bed and he was in a mood. It’s his band’s last gig tonight, and he has a psych appointment this afternoon. Because L drives my station wagon and it’s a big car, a heap of his friends want him to give them a lift to the gig. We figure out that we should take two cars to the psych appointment and pack the drums in the station wagon now because he’ll have to go straight from the appointment to the gig. L rings his friends and says that they’ll have to leave half hour earlier because he has an appointment. Now, no one wants to travel in with him because it’s not convenient. His best mate, who has his licence and his own car had said that he wanted to travel in with L “for old times sake.” Don’t they understand how this is going to make him feel?


2 Responses to "grrr argh"

Good news on C’s scar.
…and no, I think some people never consider how their actions affect other people. Sometimes this is just a teenager thing, but other times I see it in adults who should know better …
….(cue the church lady who doesn’t see why my kids might be sad around father’s day because “plenty of kids don’t have fathers – what’s the big deal”.)

Far out, A, I’d love to come and slap a few people up your way.

How can someone *not* see what’s wrong saying that? The things going through my head right now… I can’t put them into written words, it’s just soooo…. grrr argh. That’s the best I can do to explain things today. grrr argh.

I’ll have to take another pic of C’s scar, it is much better since I showed you the last one. Much much better.

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