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from the pain I’m feeling, by writing about the pain? How dumb am I?

Sooooo… I’ve been in pain for a few days now. I thought perhaps one of the kidney stones that has been sitting in my kidney (lucky me, at last check I had one stone in each kidney) might have decided to begin it’s journey. But the pain has been intermittent, and I don’t really have a good reason for not going to the doctor, so I’m not sure why I’m trying to justify it.

Anyway, this morning I woke up in pain at 4am. And awake I have stayed. The pain is far worse, but not bad enough for me to go to hospital. So now I wait for the doctor’s surgery to open at 9am and hope they’ll be nice enough to fit me on the day before a long weekend when they are sure to be booked out already.


I’ve never really thought about the relationship between bipolar and OCD.

L had been diagnosed with some OCD tendencies, but to be honest I didn’t really see it or understand it.

Well, I can now see it. And recognise it in his history. I had a lightbulb moment this morning when I realised that he is obsessing over a bus that is illegally parked in our street. It went on and on yesterday. He kept going outside to check that it was still there, he rang the police (I guess they had better things to do on Christmas Day) and also sat outside and counted the number of times the illegally parked bus almost caused an accident on our narrow little street.

How do I help with this one?

When your 18 year old son starts tidying his room, volunteers to clean the car that you have been asking him to clean for 3 months and then fixes the bed that he intentionally broke 5 years ago – he’s manic.

Yep, sorta figured that one out myself. BUT the tip for new players is… ask your 18 year old son if he has run out of bipolar medication, because he will not offer this information voluntarily. The week before Christmas. When you don’t have a repeat prescription. When the doctor is fully booked up until the surgery closes for Christmas break. Mums really should be more on top of these things, or at least, this Mum should.

Luckily, my doctor works at a different practice, and there happens to be a doctor working today – Sunday. They can see L today, at the wonderful Sunday rate$. I wonder how understanding the doctor will be?

Update: The doctor was very nice and understanding. We took the empty box of tablets to show that they’d been prescribed by a psychiatrist, and she wrote out a script no problems. Way easier than expected.

Not really, but I ran away from this blog and some forums where I tell it like it is (or almost like it is) because things were getting pretty tough.

I felt that if I acknowledged how tough things were, that I’d crack. Therefore I went with “let’s not acknowledge it and just keep pushing on.”

Not the best choice.

We are having a pretty major health scare with one of the kids. He’s naturally very worried, as am I. It’s a waiting game.


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