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New Year, nothing new

Posted on: January 19, 2011

My first post of 2011, I’m so slack.

So that pain… kidney stone. With an added surprise… a lovely ovarian cyst. In fact, I’m awake now (at 1am) due to one or both of them. I have an ultrasound scheduled for today, so I’ll find out more then.

Work is going great, when I can attend. We have just been given the go ahead to do whatever overtime is needed to get our project over the line. Once I get this pain thing sorted, it will be good to get a bit of overtime in before I have to go back to my old job.

Great news about that though. My boss is leaving! So by the time I get back to the old job, she will have gooooooone. I’m so happy about that. I hope I don’t jinx myself and end up with an even worse boss, but really, I don’t see how that could be possible.

Update on the kids:
C – stabbed himself with a steak knife last night and we had to take him to hospital. He sliced along the length of his finger, but they don’t like to put stitches in fingers, and it is a bit of an awkward spot, so it just has steri-strips and a bandage. Other than that, he’s pretty good. I’ve been mostly at home due to being ill, so he’s been happy with that.

A – had all of his hair cut off again. A serious haircut, ready for his Army assessment this Saturday. He’s confident that he’ll get in. I hope he gets in, not because I particularly want him in the Army, but I want him to be happy. School is just not doing for him at the moment. I’d rather that he does well at something that he’s happy doing, rather than be half-arsed about something and get half-arsed results.

L – doing OK. Sleeping all the time though. Since I’ve been home a fair bit, I’ve been attempting to wake him up mid-morning but he’s such a grumpy bugger it’s quite hard to deal with the fall out. He does have some crap stuff going on with a government department, and we are trying to sort that out. It really has the potential to put him back into serious depression, he was knocked for six when we first got the letter, but he’s OK-ish at the moment because he knows I have a plan of attack.

I sent a letter to the person who made the poor decision (in the government department) plus a letter to the Chief Executive of that department asking him to oversee the matter because an incorrect decision has been made, I’ve also contacted the Ombudsman and will escalate it to them early next week if I’ve had no contact from the department in question. We are also seeing a solicitor tomorrow and will take it to court if necessary. (Yes, overtime would be nice…)

So, that’s where we’re all at.


1 Response to "New Year, nothing new"

Been thinking about you today….. so so hard to deal with other stuff when you are in such pain.
but YAY for the new boss.
Bugger about the stupid gubment department. Hope whatever the issue is is resolved soon.

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