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L won’t go back to the Psychiatrist. I can’t really blame him, the guy doesn’t seem to help much and has all the personality of a lump of coal.

What’s a Psychiatrist supposed to do anyway? Do they just dish out the drugs and monitor to make sure it’s working?

Anyway, L says that he’d rather have regular appointments with the GP. At least he can talk to him and L feels comfortable with him. I’ve asked L to ring and make the appointment with the GP, I really don’t get along with the receptionists, they tell me off when Luke misses his appointments, which really has nothing to do with me. I can’t get him to eat a decent meal, let alone make sure he goes to a doctor’s appointment when I’m working 2.5 hours away.

I did ring the Psychologist though and made an appointment with him. It’s a month away though, so let’s hope that things don’t continue going downhill while we wait.


When I first started this blog, I searched for blogs written by other parents.

I found some good blogs written by parents of young children with bipolar disorder but couldn’t seem to find anyone with a teen / young adult.

It might seem odd, but I just want to read about it from someone else’s perspective. Surely there’s someone else out there who feels just as bloody helpless as I do? Someone else who doesn’t know what to say when your child tells you that he doesn’t want to live let alone get out of bed some days. Someone else whose heart is breaking.

Maybe someone who has been there done that, and doesn’t necessarily have the answers, but has some pointers?


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