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Making appointments and attempting to get back on track

Posted on: March 3, 2011

L won’t go back to the Psychiatrist. I can’t really blame him, the guy doesn’t seem to help much and has all the personality of a lump of coal.

What’s a Psychiatrist supposed to do anyway? Do they just dish out the drugs and monitor to make sure it’s working?

Anyway, L says that he’d rather have regular appointments with the GP. At least he can talk to him and L feels comfortable with him. I’ve asked L to ring and make the appointment with the GP, I really don’t get along with the receptionists, they tell me off when Luke misses his appointments, which really has nothing to do with me. I can’t get him to eat a decent meal, let alone make sure he goes to a doctor’s appointment when I’m working 2.5 hours away.

I did ring the Psychologist though and made an appointment with him. It’s a month away though, so let’s hope that things don’t continue going downhill while we wait.


3 Responses to "Making appointments and attempting to get back on track"

I got nothing but hugs….

I think that if you aren’t happy with the psychiatrist you have then you should look around for someone else. L needs to see someone he can trust and who he thinks is interested in his issues. If he likes the GP then that’s a good start. I saw a psychologist when I was having trouble with depression a couple of years back and I found that helpful. It was very low key and my GP and he were pretty much in sync.

About the receptionists – don’t let them get to you. All they have to worry about is the appointment schedule and they get paid to do that. You are a mum with a bipolar teenage boy – three strikes and you do it for love. Just keep on and you’ll get there, one step at a time.

I’m hoping that the psychologist might be able to recommend a good psychiatrist.

When I was looking for a psychiatrist in the first place, I discovered that most of them in this area have closed their books and have long waiting lists. We were lucky enough to get into this one, and it’s quite weird that we actually tried to see him privately but because his books are closed for his private practice we had to see him through the public system.

With the receptionists, it all depends what frame of mind I’m in. I’m not good this week, and I’m feeling like the slightest little thing will push me over the edge. Other times, as you probably know, I’m a tenacious bitch and can handle anything. Just gotta get me on the right day 🙂

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