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Worst nightmares last night

Posted on: July 19, 2011

Although, aren’t all nightmares the worst?

I shared this on Facebook, but not on here. I think I’ve said it before, here is where I tell it like it really is. When I’m avoiding how it really is, I don’t post.

I posted a little of what we were going through on Facebook, blocked so that it was only accessible to those who really understand and care.

Anyway, last night I dreamed that L committed suicide. I woke up and knew it was just a dream. It didn’t stop me checking on him as he slept.

And even thought I knew it was just a dream, when I went back to sleep, the nightmares continued…


1 Response to "Worst nightmares last night"

Hugs babe. I’ve had similar nightmares in The Before.
The feeling is The Same as in The After …. so yeah. ….scary shit.

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