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Am I weird?  (Don’t answer that, I’ll rephrase)

Is it weird to use cake forks these days?  I grew up with fine china, silverware and linen napkins.  Some of my favourite presents (and I’ll admit to buying some of these for myself) are silver salad servers, a crystal salad bowl, my Nana’s cake server with mother of pearl handle.

Anyway, back to the question, is it weird to use a cake fork?  I love these little forks that make for dainty eating of yummy goodies.  My kids always use a cake fork if we have cake at home or at my Mum’s. 

I still remember one of the first parties C went to when he started school, he asked for a fork to eat his cake with.  The Mum laughed her head off and told him to use his fingers like everyone else.  😐  And this is when I started thinking that I’m a bit of a weirdo.  But that’s cool, I’m used to that.


What does it mean?

I’ve always been the type of person not to let others in. Showing a brave face to the world and all that.

Lately, things have been shit. And people have been asking me how things are, and I’ve been telling them just how shit it is. Well, maybe not the full story, but giving a damn good hint. One of my co-workers asked me today if I got depressed while I was away from home (for the last 3 months) and I said “shit yeah, two weeks ago I had a meltdown and cried for a good 4 hours straight when I went home. Home meaning motel room.”

What’s up with me? I usually don’t say things like this. Is this me telling it like it is, or just falling to pieces?


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