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On Tuesday nights, my younger two boys and I have dinner with my parents. Sometimes L attends, sometimes he doesn’t.

We never quite know what we’re walking into. Will my Dad be sociable? Will the dog bark and make my Dad unreasonably angry? Can I have a conversation with my Mum and a glass of wine without my Dad intervening and telling me all the things I’m doing wrong in my life? What gems of wisdom will my Dad impart? I should point out that as my Dad gets older and his health further declines, sometimes I am told that he is proud of me and that he loves me. Only when he is feeling particularly mortal though.

Tonight started out well enough. L said he was feeling ill and didn’t come with us. I cooked schnitzels and had a glass of wine while Mum and I chatted. Mum had cooked a vegan roast for A. Dinner was lovely.

C told me about how he “dobbed” on Poppy to Nanny. When they were out driving earlier, Dad had done a u-turn where it was clearly sign posted that no u-turns were allowed. Dad found this funny, C has him wrapped around his little finger. If anyone else had pointed this out it would not be funny at all.

As the boys cleared the table and went into the kitchen with dishes, dad said to me “he’s a worry, isn’t he?”

I thought he was referring to L, but thought I’d check. “Who worries you?”

“A, he worries me with this gay persona he puts on.”

Gay persona? Does he mean the leather jacket? The skinny leg jeans? The vegetarianism? I’m at a loss. Of course, I was gob smacked and just kept clearing the table and made a quick exit to the kitchen to wash up.

Well, I love my son. All of him. Although his haircut is a bit weird. 🙂

Oh, and L, I know you’re reading, I love you too and always will.



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