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Tuesday night dinner with the parents was put off last night because my Mum wasn’t feeling well.

So it was a Wednesday night dinner that A, C and I headed off to. L had been at school for some HSC music preparations and was out gallivanting in the car somewhere. At least he missed it.

Dad seemed OK. Ranting a little about a spreadsheet, but C headed off to the computer to fix that (little darling that he is).

I don’t even know how to describe what happened, but I guess I stuffed up and mentioned something I shouldn’t have. Dad has always had a thing about some money that Mum and I have invested together. It shits him that it’s in debentures when we could do more (in his eyes) on the stock market. Mum and I like it where it is, thank you very much. We can get it quickly if we need to, otherwise it just sits there earning interest and we’re happy with that.

Anyway, next thing Dad is being an utter arsehole to Mum. At the dinner table. In front of us.

There are things that should be kept between couples, and it was an.inappropriate forum for him to raise them, and not on for him to sepak to my Mum like that in front of her grandkids. It didn’t stop. I couldn’t cope. We left mid meal.

And now I feel like shit.

I rang L to make sure that he wasn’t calling in to his grandparents, he knew. “what happened?” he asked. “The usual.” “Who to this time?” “Nan”

It sucks that we have a usual. It sucks that I walked out. If I’d stayed I could have said something unforgivable. And now I’m sure my mum is copping the fallout. 😦



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