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Earlier on this year, the school suggested that we apply for special provisions in the HSC for L. They felt it was worthwhile asking for extra rest breaks, which would also mean that he would be either in a smaller group or on his own rather than in the big hall with the rest of the students.

This was pre-bipolar diagnosis, at a time where L was getting hardly any sleep, was finding it incredibly hard to concentrate and was very depressed. We got a letter from the GP and a letter from the Psychologist in support of the application, and both desribed how extra rest breaks would benefit L.

After the bipolar diagnosis was confirmed by the Psychiatrist, I contacted the school again, and asked if they needed any further information for the application. They said no, they had plenty of information and nothing more was needed. Then came the Lithium side effect – the shaking – making it extremely difficult for L to write. I again rang the school, and was advised that as the shaking is a side effect of the medication, and not of the condition itself, then it couldn’t be taken into account. At the time, I didn’t think much of that, apart from slight annoyance, because I thought we already had the extra rest time covered and that it would help.

This week, let’s see, just how many weeks is it before the HSC commences? Oh, that’s right, it’s 5 weeks until the exams… Anyway, this week we received a letter from the Board of Education declining the request for special provisions.

Way to kick a kid when he’s down.

Here’s an eample provided on the Board of Studies website.

Psychological – depression
Comments from Rania’s Year 12 teachers indicate she often disengages during class and needs assistance to stay focused. Rania is often anxious and worried; she is frequently absent and at times lacks interest in her work. Her application includes a report from her clinical psychologist stating she has been diagnosed with depression. The school reports that she takes longer to produce written work and has supplied two timed written essays, at least one of which is an assessment task.
Provisions approved* Individual supervision, extra time to write (at the rate of two and a half minutes per half hour of examination time) OR a writer (HSC at the rate of 5 minutes per half hour of examination time to allow for the dictation process), and extra time to rest (at the rate of 5 minutes per half hour of examination time).

So we’re appealing anyway. We have 14 days to get the paperwork in, it’s just another fucking drama in a long line of kicks to the teeth for the poor kid. What’s hypothetical Rania got that we don’t?

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