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Turns out that his lithium levels were fine, and the hospital were aware of that at about midnight, they just forgot to tell us.

He was given some medication for his headache which eased it a little. I started googling bipolar and headache, bipolar and migraine etc and what do you know, but it’s quite common to suffer from headaches when you have bipolar. Having a mother who suffers from migraines probably does not help either. Reading up a bit more on it, and it’s even more common when you have a lack of sleep, and are under stress.

Well… L is currently not sleeping, won’t take the seroquel (he doesn’t like the way it makes him feel the next day) and is in the middle of his trial exams, and his band is breaking up.

L has been driving my car this week, and I’ve been driving my Mum’s old car. When I got into my car yesterday, there is a script for Melatonin on the passenger seat. Questioning L about this – the psych prescribed this for him and he can’t remember why. Back to google. Oh, what’s this? Melatonin helps with sleeping. Melatonin can also help with headaches.

*sigh* I wish I knew this yesterday.

So today I went to the chemist but because the psych had prescribed 3mg Melatonin they had to send me to a compounding chemist. Lucky I’d taken the day off work and had plenty of time for all the running around.

L has had some sleep today, and I just took a Melatonin capsule in to him. I copped a mouthful. Niiiiice. Love you too buddy.

I wish that he wanted to be well.


I rang the Psych’s office today and was not very nicely told that I was ringing the wrong place, and that as L is a patient at one set of rooms, I should ring those rooms and not the office I was ringing. Lovely. I gritted my teeth and explained that Dr K had asked me to ring at *these* rooms because we were working on getting the Lithium levels stable, and he only works at the place we see him one day a fortnight. The ever so lovely receptionist/office administrator/bitch huffed and puffed and said that they had no blood test results for L.

Then I rang the GP’s office and the receptionist there looked up the blood test results for me. Lithium levels 5.1. What?!?! Remember, we are aiming for 0.6 – 0.8. Tentatively, I asked “do you mean 0.51?” and the receptionist said “oh yes, that’s what it says. Doctor has written no action on the results.” Well, that’s probably because Dr I (the GP) thinks that Dr K (the psych) has it all in hand. He probably doesn’t know that Dr K is guarded very well by an obnoxious receptionist.

Anyway, I’ve sent a fax to Dr K letting him know the results and asking if L should stay on the same dose. Hopefully I’ll hear from him tomorrow.

I did a bit of reading about the tremors, and apparently it is more common when Lithium dosage is increased quickly (L’s dose doubled last week) – so I hope he can just stay at the same dosage for a bit and see how things go. I’m really concerned about the effects this will have on his exams. Actually, I’m not concerned about the effect on his exams, I care how this will affect L. I don’t want him feeling like this will be another set back.

The boys go back to school tomorrow. I’ve sent an email to the nice Vice Principal and will see what that brings.

4 more days at my current job. 😀

The lack of updates this week can be put down to me having a very stressful week at work. I start my temporary job in a week’s time and am madly trying to make sure everything is up to date before I go. Also the minor (ha!) matter of the under performing staff member has just been doing my head in.

But things are looking up. I’m on the down hill run, one week to go. Under performing staff member – gone. Not a very pleasant experience, but an essential one. My boss actually complimented me today *shock* and thanked me for persevering with the staff member. I have mixed feelings about the situation, I’ve never been unable to improve someone’s performance, so it felt like a bit of a personal failure, but I know I shouldn’t feel that way. I did everything I could. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Lots of stuff to do next week. I’m cleaning up my office as if I’m never going back, and to be honest, I hope I won’t. It’d be nice to score another job during this 6 month secondment. Outside my organisation would be even better. 😀

L was supposed to have his Lithium levels checked on Tuesday. He finally had it done today. It will be interesting to see what they are. He’s had a rough week, his sleeping patterns are totally screwed. I tried to get him to take a Seroquel last night, but he refused, so when I left for work this morning he was still wide awake not having slept a wink all night. My Mum took him to have the bloods done. She’s an angel.

I hope he doesn’t need an increase in Lithium, his hands are shaking and he goes back to school next week. I’m expecting that he will need an increase though. Might have to google more about Lithium, or starting on Lithium to be precise. I’d like to know if the shaking hands will settle as his body gets used to Lithium, or is this just something that has to be put up with? And I suppose I should talk to the school on Tuesday (first day back) – because he’s having trouble writing, and they should also be advised of the medication he’s on.

I had a big ranting post planned earlier in the week, but couldn’t get my head together enough to post it. I was at my parents’ place on Monday night, and Dad told me to take back the book about Bipolar that I’d lent him. His reason “I’ve read enough books on depression and it can’t be that different”. Yeah, thanks for the support Dad. Thanks for trying to understand. My sarcasm is showing, isn’t it?

Off to bed now, it’s Soccer Mom Saturday tomorrow, gotta be up early.

Well, blood results are in and the psych is doubling L’s dose of Lithium. If I was a more organised person, I would post what his Lithium level is and then I could use this blog as the reference point I’d intended 😉 but instead, it’s written on a post it note and is on my desk at work *sigh*

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

He’s still taking the lithium, but he’s back to the dramatics, wanting to argue with me, ringing me at work with *ideas* and moving furniture around. Will ring the psych tomorrow, I have to check on the blood test results anyway.

I’m so tired. Work is shit. There’s a pretty awesome job that I should apply for and I just don’t have the energy to do the application. I’m all “woe is me” tonight. Someone slap me.

On the positive side of things, I borrowed Broken Open by Craig Hamilton from the library and so far my Mum has read it and now my Dad is starting it. I (we) have a world of support from my Mum, so it’s not at all about educating her, but my Dad is a different matter entirely. He’s making an effort and I hope he can understand what L is going through instead of being so judgmental and unhelpful.

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Don’t panic! Things are still going well with L, I’ll talk/type about him in a minute.

Poor C though. He’s turning 10 this year. He and I share a love of animals. Before bed tonight, we completed our usual ritual of refilling the water bottles and food dishes for the rats and mice. I decided to give the ratties a treat and gave them a 3 bean mix.

C asked if he could stay up a bit longer and watch the rats eat their food. Now if you’ve never seen a rat eat, you’ll wonder what on earth the kid was thinking. But, if you’ve seen a rat working industriously to shift their food from the food bowl to wherever this week’s secret stash is being kept, or seen just how many beans / corn kernels / seeds / whatever can fit into one rat’s mouth, you’ll know that it can be pretty amusing.

Except tonight. Tonight C said “it’s sad that we’ll never see Buffy doing this again” and burst into tears. We had a cuddle and a talk, and each time thought I was saying something I thought was helpful he cried louder. 😦 I think it was one of those times where I should have just shut up and cuddled him, but I have this desire to make things better. I guess I just have to learn that sometimes I can’t make things better, or maybe that sometimes there are no words that will help. *sigh* there’s a lesson in there somewhere, I’m sure.

Back to L. Still being amazingly different. Still taking the lithium and actually eating. And we went shopping together tonight at his instigation because he has to eat a diet high in carbs in preparation for some blood tests on Friday! He hates blood tests and he never eats well. Not sure what’s going on but I’m really hoping it continues. We had a good talk in the car tonight. It’s funny, we always seem to have heart to hearts in the car. I’ve missed that.

Lest I be accused of never mentioning A, I’ll end with a text message I received from him today.

“Just saved [friend] from being mugged. Yep, he grabbed her bag and I ran him down”

Don’t you just love text messages like that?

I’m more than a little amazed that L is still being compliant and taking the lithium. He just had his fourth tablet. No arguments, just a little grumbling about me wanting him to eat something with it.

This is a big deal. Every other medication he’s been on has been accompanied by arguments, petulance, refusal etc I hope I’m not jumping the gun thinking that things are going well, but I just can’t help but hope that this is the beginning of things improving.


Earlier today, I found a few photos of the dog I grew up with. Beautiful Henry. My best friend. The dog I would dress up in frilly brunch coats and t-shirts when I was younger, and in my teens he was the dog who would faithfully sit by my side for hours on end while I fished for bream and listened to Cat Stevens. Those photos of Henry made me think of something that happened earlier this week.

L came out of his bedroom to find our two dogs lying straight outside his bedroom door. He asked me why they were doing that, and it was a little odd, they’re usually hanging around with me, outside or in A’s bedroom. L was obviously having a down day, and I said that the dogs wanted to be with him, that they could tell that he needed them. He grumbled and said that they were annoying him. “They love you” I said. He just looked at me, with one of the saddest faces I’ve seen. “You don’t want anyone to love you, do you?” I asked. His answer? “No, not really.”

And that breaks my heart.


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