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Don’t panic! Things are still going well with L, I’ll talk/type about him in a minute.

Poor C though. He’s turning 10 this year. He and I share a love of animals. Before bed tonight, we completed our usual ritual of refilling the water bottles and food dishes for the rats and mice. I decided to give the ratties a treat and gave them a 3 bean mix.

C asked if he could stay up a bit longer and watch the rats eat their food. Now if you’ve never seen a rat eat, you’ll wonder what on earth the kid was thinking. But, if you’ve seen a rat working industriously to shift their food from the food bowl to wherever this week’s secret stash is being kept, or seen just how many beans / corn kernels / seeds / whatever can fit into one rat’s mouth, you’ll know that it can be pretty amusing.

Except tonight. Tonight C said “it’s sad that we’ll never see Buffy doing this again” and burst into tears. We had a cuddle and a talk, and each time thought I was saying something I thought was helpful he cried louder. 😦 I think it was one of those times where I should have just shut up and cuddled him, but I have this desire to make things better. I guess I just have to learn that sometimes I can’t make things better, or maybe that sometimes there are no words that will help. *sigh* there’s a lesson in there somewhere, I’m sure.

Back to L. Still being amazingly different. Still taking the lithium and actually eating. And we went shopping together tonight at his instigation because he has to eat a diet high in carbs in preparation for some blood tests on Friday! He hates blood tests and he never eats well. Not sure what’s going on but I’m really hoping it continues. We had a good talk in the car tonight. It’s funny, we always seem to have heart to hearts in the car. I’ve missed that.

Lest I be accused of never mentioning A, I’ll end with a text message I received from him today.

“Just saved [friend] from being mugged. Yep, he grabbed her bag and I ran him down”

Don’t you just love text messages like that?



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